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Julie Kollanyi Miller

My life began in Hungary in 1954. As a small child I lived in Budapest until the Russian Communist take-over in 1956. Although leaving Hungary was difficult it was a good decision for our family and we fled to England where I was first exposed to the world of equines. Camping out in the countryside led me to a little donkey staked out in the grass. My father lifted me up onto his back and I experienced for the first time what we horse people can never quite convey with words.....a feeling of flying, exhilaration, freedom and power. That feeling never left me and only grew bigger. My reason for doing art comes from a need to express this and share the joy and passion I have had all my life from a connection with horses. We eventually left England for California where I followed my dreams of becoming a cowgirl. After twenty one years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area I made my exodus to a very rural and isolated area in the most north east corner of the state where population was next to nothing and life was harsh, dictated by the elements and nature. Ranching and farming was the main industry and I began a career raising and training horses using my past experiences working with dressage and jumping horse trainers. Putting western tack on a horse didn't change the way I rode and communicated with my horses, it only made me want to pursue the traditional western methods even more and enhance them with the classical techniques. My art became my way of speaking visually about how becoming a part of the horse is essential to developing the trust and harmony that both horse and horseman seeks. I began with very real and traditional images of the cowboy way of life but gradually became more expressionist in my style using color and abstract design to bring emotion and movement into the images. I hope I have gotten to a place where my love for horses and their spirit can be felt and appreciated by others.

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Coming out of Darkness PS1.jpg
Western Pleasure Head PS-Watermark.jpg
Sweetie Ponying Spyder Best Final 4-4 -Watermark.jpg
Sweetie Leading Spyder Painting-Watermark.jpg
Salt River Final lines removed -watermark.jpg
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Reined Cow Horse Blue & Yellow-Watermark.jpg
Mezzie Trotting - Watermark.jpg
Mezzie- Old Helping Young PS 2 Watermarked.jpg
Movong the Cows Up Warmer Tones.JPG
Quarter Horse Head Shot-Watermark.jpg
Reined Cow Horse-Watermark.jpg
Mezzie First Time Bridling - watermark.jpg
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"I am still learning"   Michelangelo

This quote by Michelangelo, who happens to be one of my favorite artists, relates very much to how one must relate to horses as well. True horsemen know that a lifetime of being with them never allows you to feel like you know everything. Horses are a challenge and constantly remind us that if you stay open in mind and spirit, life's lessons can be learned through the process of teaching horses. In truth I always feel like they are my teachers and I am still and forever learning.  

Julie Kollanyi Miller

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Julie Kollanyi Miller

Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries or questions about the artwork, commissions, etc. or if you see a print that is out of stock and would like one, please contact me through email at

You may also visit my Etsy shop at

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Coming out of Darkness PS1.jpg
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